Benjie Escobar is an LA-based, multi-talented creative, with a broad set of artistic abilities, which encompass a wide variety of media. His work and his artistic style reference an equally expansive collection of influences, including his childhood in Pomona, lowrider culture, graffiti, raves, streetwear, 1990's culture, typography, professional design & illustration experience all tinged with a bit of snarky humor. 


 Benjie’s personal and freelance work can be seen on hundreds of T-shirt designs for dozens of brands, in assorted magazines of dubious repute, on more party flyers than would be healthy to attend, stuck on lamp poles you really shouldn’t touch with bare hands, reblogged across the Social Media-sphere ad infinitum, and  tattooed on unsavory types who make poor life decisions.

In addition to creating more original lettering and graphics and patterns than is even remotely humanly reasonable, Benjie is also known for curating art exhibitions, building vintage Schwinn Stingrays, inventing new zine genres, art-directing gourmet burger festivals, building brands, and giving priceless off-the-cuff marketing tips to anyone who cares to listen, or just happens to be within earshot.


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