Sensitive Artist Support Group, with Nat Iosbaker

 I originally met Nat Iosbaker when I painted a mural for Pow Wow Long Beach in 2014. He was a stencil artist helping fellow muralist Cryptik and came by for an art swap I had posted on my Instagram. 

 Fast forward 5 years and I now reside in Long Beach and run into Nat again, but as an accomplished artist and sign painter with his own version of public art installation with Pow Wow. His work can be found all around Long Beach on both windows as a sign painter at Mahlstick and mallet and occasionally wheat pasted around the city. 

We've talked about art theory, process Long Beach and everything else inbetween whenever we run into each other, and I could not think of someone else who would understand my Sensitive Artist Support Group design. He let me check out his work studio and I got some great shots of him in it. 

To keep up with what Nat is up to make sure to give him a follow on instagram, or check his website


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